Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Facebook Changes

Facebook are due to change their Facebook Terms and Policies, I feel like they are being open in their approach to sharing their information:

In January 2015 they are due to bring out the following:

-          Testing a ‘Buy Button’ – similar to what Twitter have just released, Facebook are going to be testing out a quicker way for customers to make purchases on their site and they will be working on new ways to make it more convenient.

-         Understanding how they gather their information on you – They will be releasing a way for you to see how they have got your information (for example locations, check-ins, suggested tags)

-          Opt out of ads on all devices – Currently when you opt out of seeing a certain Facebook Ad on your laptop you will still see it on your other devices, in January they will be launching a way that when you opt out of seeing that Ad on one device you will not see it on any other mobile/computer device.

-          Ad Preferences – These are going to be available to certain countries including UK. You will be able to see WHY you are seeing that Ad… How did they know I was looking at that? How did they know I was interested in this?

They are also letting everyone know exactly what ‘family companies’ they have. For example – Instagram and WhatsApp.

If you would like to read more then look at Facebooks Terms and Policies blog.

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