Monday, 14 July 2014

June 2014

Look C

Back to the normal lay out of my blogs now...

I have had a busy month, winning the FSB Awards to building my training courses... If you didn't know Look C are now offering training on Social Media tailored to fit your needs. For more information on these take a look at our website

My Top Tip

Every month I give to you a top tip. This month is remember who your audience are. Always consider what time you will be posting and which platforms you are using. I recommend (to clarify this isn't the same in all cases) if you are a B2B - LinkedIn and Twitter are usually the go to Social Media sites. Whereas B2C - Facebook and Twitter are two of the highest ranked and most used platforms. Twitter is a key in both of these, to get a handle on Twitter to get you going, I suggest you trial it, send a tweet, try a '#' (hashtag), retweet a couple of posts. See how you go :)

Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, VideoJug, Vimeo, etc are all also great platforms to be on IF IT SUITS YOUR BUSINESS. It's all about one thing... Strategy.

My June Favourite

So, Adobe have brought out the Creative Cloud, and I LOVE it! If you use any adobe software it is really worth looking into. I use Premiere Pro a lot and now with the Creative Cloud I can take my edits anywhere, all through the cloud. The software itself looks different but only slightly, certain things are in different places but it doesn't take long to find it all again. I strongly recommend you take a look if you are an adobe user. Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Premiere... anything, just look into it :)

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