Saturday, 28 June 2014

If you didn't know already...

A different blog!

This blog is going to be very different to usual. I have some major news and a few thank you's I would like to make. Look C have been running for 2 years in September and have been lucky enough to have a lot of advice and support of other businesses in this time. So to cut to the chase... Our news is...


This is huge and incredibly rewarding. I cannot believe that this night happened but it did. Last year, I was delighted to be Young Business Person of the Year 2013... This year to be able to hold that title is just fantastic! I can't quite pin my finger on one word that sums up how I feel about it.  When I went onto the stage to collect my Young Business Person of the Year 2014 Award I decided to take a selfie. It had to be done, after all... I had to update my Twitter Feed, and saw an opportunity for a selfie ;)

We had an amazing night, the FSB Awards lived up to my expectations in terms of atmosphere, there was a buzz in the room and businesses were there to celebrate and talk about each others success.

Now onto the thank you's....
Big thanks to my parents! The most supportive parents EVER. I really wouldn't be doing what I am doing if they weren't so understanding and amazing. They joined me at the awards and when we heard I won the overall award and I saw their faces we all looked so shocked, they looked like they could burst they were so happy for me. The best feeling to see your parents be that proud of you!

My family are all so supportive, especially my niece Willow! She's going to be my sales team from now on! They're always there and I can't ask for anything more :)

24-7 Networking Group.... You guys are all amazing. Thank you for all the advice you give and all the banter early on a Friday morning, I don't know where else I'd get that at that early hour haha! Thanks guys.

Thanks to individuals as well who I will list a few as I'm sure this is turning out to be quite cheesy... Chesca, Kevin, Lou, Tina, Wolfy, Freya, Chris, Jo, Ben and many others of my friends :)

My Top Tip for this month... APPLY FOR AWARDS! They're so worth it regardless of winning, the evenings and even becoming a finalist is amazing! 

Thank you all :)