Wednesday, 2 April 2014

March 2014

Look C

What happened in March then? Well, to be honest with you, what happened to March! It flew by so fast. The clocks have changed and it's getting warmer, which I like, let's just hope that I am not jinxing it by saying this. If I have, sorry everyone. 

Something that is going to be a common theme in this blog is making your social media fun for you to do and your followers to see. Be different. I have said in previous blogs about how important it is so be social, but you have to have fun doing it as it will reflect on your audience if you don't. 

My Top Tip

My top tip is more of a case study. So let me explain from the top. 
I attend a group called 24-7 Business Networking, when we meet we have social media training and share news on various social media topics. The group in Biggleswade have decided to focus on one members business and help them to market a specific product/service that they offer. This month we focused on a company called Hogies Online who asked in our members facebook group:

We all chipped in and gave ideas as to what they could do, and then all helped out after the following meeting - we all got involved and had a real laugh doing the project. As a follow up Hogies Online will have a video coming soon. But for now here are some sneak peaks. 

Why shouldn't your marketing be fun? Get your friends and other people involved. Don't be afraid to ask for help!! More to follow from Hogies Online on their facebook page! 

My March Favourite

So this months favourite is something slightly different to usual where I will be sticking to my theme of a fun social media campaign. I'm sure you are all aware of the '#NoMakeUpSelfie' or the '#MakeUpSelfie' - if not here is a quick explanation for you.

#NoMakeUpSelfie - Females taking pictures of themselves with no make up on raising awareness for Cancer Research and text donating alongside

#MakeUpSelfies - Males taking pictures of themselves wearing make up, again raising awareness for Cancer Research and text donating. 

This campaign wasn't actually started by Cancer Research but was a brilliant idea by a supporter of the charity! The great thing about social media is that if used properly you can really pass on your message and reach thousands and thousands of people. But how amazing is this! 

What are your thoughts on this campaign? (Bare in mind they didn't even start this!)

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