Monday, 16 December 2013

November 2013

Look C

Christmas is getting closer and closer! Starting to look towards 2014 goals now and see what the future holds. If you don't use Social Media to promote your business already then make it your New Years Resolution.

My top tip
Searching techniques -  I will focus on twitter this month. One of the best ways to search on twitter is through # (the hashtag). This means the word has been tagged especially for searching. So for example, I would like to find some articles based on Social Media... So I would search #SocialMedia or #SM. Try different kinds of phrases that your industry use. 

You can use the hashtag to find information out for example an article that is relevant to your followers. Or you can use it to source out potential clients so if you searched '#socialmedia #confused' in the same search I could find people that may need some guidance and advice. This tool should work for everyone if used correctly. 

My November Favourite

Instead of having a favourite piece of equipment or video. I will stick with my twitter theme and go for comedy value twitter account. Tesco Mobile have got it spot on. They reply to every tweet they get and unless someone is having trouble with their account they will include 'banter' to their tweet. It is now so well known that they always give as good as they get that people now purposely tweet them to get a funny reply. This picture just proves how good they are. 
This second photo proves that people are considering changing network through their account.

That's it for this month. Have a lovely Christmas and New Year! 

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