Monday, 2 September 2013

Look C are blogging!

Look C are blogging!

So, I have decided to start blogging. I will be blogging about recent events, top tips on social media and my monthly favourite - this could range from equipment, software, videos, maybe even tweets!

Social Media is constantly changing and more and more businesses are beginning to see the importance of being able to communicate with the public including returning customers and potential customers. 

My first blog tip

"Social Media" or some call it "Social Networking" both have the word social for a reason, do not ignore this. It is important that you are not always selling on the platforms. It is still known that people buy from people. So, why shouldn't you be personal to a certain extent. If you post "off shopping today, going to buy myself some new shoes!" - maybe that is a little too personal, keep it relevant to your target audience. 
If you listen to what your target market are saying on social media and using the correct searching techniques (... I will explain these another day) then you may find some useful testimonials, or maybe clear up a problem someone may have with a product/service you offer. 

My August Favourite

This has to go to my GoPro Hero 3 (Silver Edition). 
I love it, take it with me to every shoot as you can never have too much footage so being able to put this in a different place to get a different angle is superb. Especially when filming bands and live events! 
This GoPro is such amazing quality. I can have the waterproof casing on it and still manage to get a good sound out of it. I personally wouldn't rely on it. I use it as a second camera so wouldn't take my sound from it, but it has such great video quality, better than any of the other action cameras I have come across. 

If you would like me to talk about a specific topic then please comment below,
Georgia O'Keefe
Look C

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  1. Good to see you taking your own advice! Good blog as well!